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Morning Routine - Floral waters and toners

Morning Routine - Floral waters and toners

No matter what time you go to bed at night, waking up during the work week is always a hard. And sometimes, a long shower and a huge mug of coffee may not be enough to get your engine running.

It's at this point an early morning pamper session becomes handy and at MCIP, we cannot stop singing the praises of floral waters and toners.

You apply this product after your cleanser (or you can even skip that step and use it as a cleansing lotion) and before your moisturiser.  Keep in the fridge to give a fresh touch on your face. To save time during your morning routine, you can apply it with your hands or with a clean cotton pad, once dry (it dries in a few seconds) you then apply your moisturiser.  Simple and efficient, just what you need in the morning. 

There are a lot of different products available, based on your skin type and your preferences. Floral waters are essentially made by steam distillation of flowers, whereas toners can contain other plants such as eucalyptus or aloe. 

The main action of these products are to prepare the skin for moisturisation, refine the skin (according to the one you will choose and its specific actions), but most importantly they have a softening and refreshing action and you will quickly notice your skin is more radiant with this new beauty routine. They will also close your pores, an important step after washing your face with warm water.

You can choose the best toner for your skin: 

Rose - hydrating

Aloe - soothing

Lavender - purifying

Tee tree - Matifying

Camomille - soothing 

Cornflower - for eye contour

It is even better if you opt for an organic product, but you can also find standard products in your classic beauty store. 

You can apply it in the morning and at night, don't forget your moisturiser and night cream after this step. 


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