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A relaxing weekend in the Channel Islands

A relaxing weekend in the Channel Islands

Life is London is always fast-paced and stressful, running to work, jumping from one train to another, rushing to the pub or to the restaurant (and to Zara and Mango...). So once in a while, you need a break! While city breaks are all the rage, the Channel Islands are just one hour away from London and your usual routine. 

Lets first focus on Guernsey, when you can fly from Gatwick with Aurigny airline with a 50 minutes flight. As soon as you step on the tarmac, you will feel the relax atmosphere of the island. 

Guernsey is one of the larger islands of the archipelago, a lovely place with the main city (and port) at St Peter's port. Don't miss the Castle and the city centre where a lot of items are sold tax free including your favourite Apple products. 

You can also rent a car right next to the airport or take the bus (£1 per journey) and explore the numerous bays of the island, walking around the peaceful streets, or see the Little Chapel. 


Life in Guernsey is very relaxed, the locals are quite welcoming and you quickly notice life is cool and easy there. The island offers the advantages of living on an island but you do not feel like being lost in the middle of nowhere (even if in a way, you kind of are!). 


You can also take the ferry to visit the smallest islands around, Herm and Sark being the closest. 

Sark is a tiny island accessible by ferry (about 50 minutes ride), you can enjoy the view from the boat before arriving at the little port, on arrival you can tell Sark is unlike anywhere else. There are no cars and only a few tractors to transport luggages or materials. Tourists can rent a bike or explore the island by foot (I advise going by foot). Since there are no cars, Sark has no street lights and on a clear night you can witness an amazing light show courtesy of the stars. 

house in Sark

Sark offers gorgeous sea views, wild coasts accessible by little paths (that's a proper workout!). Needless to say you are in perfect connection with nature, running into the occasional sheep or horse-drawn carriages along your way. You can have lunch in one of the chic houses transformed into little restaurants or in a private garden with lots of trees and flowers. You can also have picnic on the beach, but be prepared to burn calories in getting there.


There are 450 inhabitants living in Sark. Locals offer a warm welcome to tourists, always happy to help you if you are lost (yes it can happen on this small island!) or just to have a random chat while exploring the island. 

There is enough to see in two or three days in Sark, especially if you are willing to spend some time in a natural environment with a splendid panorama. 


So next time you are looking for a short escape from London, why not consider the Channel Islands? Jersey and Alderney are also said to be perfect for a weekend away. 

You too, share with us your best short trips destinations for a long weekend. 

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